Europe, Holland

The video of our trip to Amsterdam

“Our trip to Amsterdam 2016”

We went back a few days from our trip to Amsterdam. A wonderful experience in a city that has really impressed and won us! Before writing the “travel report” we wanted to share with you our emotions through the pictures.
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donuts on bed travel to Amsterdam
Europe, Holland

How We organaised our travel to Amsterdam

We will back on the road!

Taking advantage of a free time at the beginning of October we decided to organize a short three or four days holiday at the discover of an European city. After we consulting our “mental world map” we decided…for the first time we are going to Amsterdam!

How we searched and found the cheapest flight.

Keeping in mind that should be a low cost holiday we started planning our travel looking for a cheapest flight. Using Google Flights we cross-check the different combinations of dates and airports finding the best solution for us. We chose to fly with easyJet from Milan Malpensa starting October 15th at 8:10 p.m. and return Wednesday October 19th at 8:40 a.m. at the excellent price of Continue Reading

vacanza nella riviera del conero
Travel Tips

If you love the nature and the sea the Conero Riviera is the place for you!

Today we want to talk to you about a beautiful zone of our Marche region in Italy: the Conero Riviera.
It is a natural reserve full of breath-taking landscapes situated in the South of Ancona.

If you decide to spend a few days in this area you will find a unique sight created by the Conero promontory that rushes headlong in the Adriatic sea. You will be surrounded by a natural oasis characterized by thick green woods in contrast with blue and crystalline waters.

Once in this great area you will wonder if you are still in the Marche region or if you teleported anywhere else! Without exaggeration we can assure you that this is a truly unique and spectacular zone. Continue Reading

Did You Know?

Why is not recommended to go on holiday to Miami in Summer?

Did you know that the summer isn’t the ideal period to go on vacation to Miami?

Summer is coming and also the long awaited holiday. A lot of people taking advantage of vacation they dream and plan trips in exotic beaches looking for sun, sea and beyond. (not only)
Among the top destinations and the most attractive there is Miami, synonymous of holiday, beaches, sun, entertainment, relax and much more. If you are dream and plan a trip to Miami you surely asked if the summer is the best period for vacation in the most famous city of Florida. Unfortunately the answer is no! The summer isn’t the best period for an holiday to Miami.
Going during the summer is very risky because you won’t find the ideal climate! Continue Reading

donuts on bed blod di viaggi
Et cetera

Our journey begins here, let’s go!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tse

Here it is our first small step, the beginning of our trip, our project comes true, our personal space, our travel blog! We don’t love to dwell on boring presentations, who we are you surely have read it and you can read it in any moment. Now we are in a rush. We want to begin our travel and we cannot wait to do it.
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